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More Tips to Find Your Perfect Luxury Home

Posted on: November 22, 2019

Perfect Luxury Home In South Florida

Finding the right luxury home for your needs can be a big task. When there’s so much money involved, you want to make sure you’ve thought of everything and are making the most informed decision possible. There are a few major things to keep in mind when selecting your new luxury home in South Florida. Here are some of our top tips.

Know Your Neighborhoods

Don’t just focus on the home itself, but also consider what neighborhood you’re purchasing in. What type of amenities are you searching for? Is it important to have lots of restaurants? Grocery stores? Other attractions? Do you need a great school system? A waterfront property? These things all need to be taken into consideration both when setting your budget and selecting a property.

Consider Resale Value

With any home, you want to think about the resale value. If you do have the need to sell in the future, you want a home in good condition with an incredible location. Think about the amenities inside the home as well. Features like smart appliances, home gyms, movie theaters, and large outdoor spaces are all major selling points for a luxury property.

Stay Realistic

Just because you qualify for a property up to $3 million doesn’t necessarily mean you should spend that much. You should always shoot lower than what you qualify for, just in case of unforeseen circumstances. Consider if you suddenly lose your job. Are you still going to be able to afford the property? Keep your expectations realistic and remember that you can always make changes or additions if you wish.

Hire a Lawyer

Having a Florida luxury real estate attorney on your team can make your journey much easier. Once you’ve found a home you love, your attorney can help you look through your contract to make sure everything is as it should be. They’ll help you negotiate and consider your purchase from every angle so you can be confident in your decision. 

Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Mark Schecter is one of the most well-known South Florida real estate attorneys for luxury homes. His experience in the field means he knows the ins and outs of the business and is ready for any circumstance. Mark has a passion for helping Floridians find their dream luxury property. Contact Mark today to discover how he can serve you.