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What We Do

Schecter Real Estate Law is a dynamic full-service law firm, serving South Florida’s real estate and transactional needs since 1976.

Real estate and business transactions are often complex and require meticulous attention to detail and superior negotiation skills: two skill sets which are integral to our practice. With related and extensive experience in real property and business litigation, Schecter Real Estate Law approaches our client’s transactional needs with an acute sense of preventing future disputes.


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Who We Are

At Schecter Real Estate Law, our attorneys serve as trusted advisors at every stage of our representation of our clients. Highly qualified lawyers in the fields of real estate and business transactions, Schecter Real Estate Law provides representation to individual and entity clients.


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Schecter Real Estate Law is an established boutique law firm that has been located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, since 1976.

We represent individual and corporate clients, concentrating in all areas of business law, contract law, commercial and real estate transactions.



Strong South Florida Real Estate Market For 2021

South Florida Luxury Real Estate Soaring South Florida Real Estate continues to soar. Despite the current state of a global pandemic affecting the nation that will no doubt reverberate through markets both far and wide, the market here in South Florida remains a popular luxury home destination and is expected to continue to rise. So Why Is [...] []


A Look At 2021 Luxury Real Estate In South Florida

What Does 2021 Have In Store For Luxury Real Estate? Many feared that 2020 would have dismantled the Luxury Real Estate Market in South Florida but in recent news, some of the top experts in their field and sectors weighed in and the overall feel throughout the market is that it is doing well and will continue [...] []


Commercial Real Estate In South Florida

Investing In South Florida Commercial Real Estate If you are in the market for commercial real estate investments or are considering investing in South Florida, you are in good company. The “Where” In South Florida Commercial Real Estate Investors’ are primarily concerned with, you guessed it, location, location, location. With that said, the most unlikely locales [...] []

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