The Most Common Real Estate Disputes by a South Florida Real Property Litigation Lawyer: Part 2 of 2

Below are a few more of the most common real estate disputes that can occur. If you find yourself involved in these real estate disputes or others, don’t hesitate to call a skilled South Florida real property litigation lawyer immediately to guarantee that your best interests are represented.

Zoning disputes

Zoning disputes can arise when developers want to build in a certain area and encounter resistance with local planning boards. Construction delays as a result of zoning problems can end up being detrimental to a project, so it is important to handle zoning disputes as soon as possible. It is usually necessary to hire a skilled South Florida real property litigation lawyer if there are any zoning disputes, as an attorney will be able to obtain permits quickly and allow projects to proceed without delays.

Contact clause disputes

There are many types of contract clause disputes that a lawyer can negotiate and resolve. These disputes can involve prepayment penalty clauses for mortgage contracts, mediation clauses, and many others. A mediation clause requires both parties to resolve a real estate dispute through a mediator, and it is a non-binding process. Mediation clauses can be optional or mandatory depending on the type of contract. No one should ever sign a real estate contract with a mediation or arbitration clause with first consulting with an experienced attorney.

Don’t sign a contract or handle a dispute without consulting a South Florida real property litigation lawyer

Only a knowledgeable attorney can advise on whether or not a particular contract is favorable to a client and can resolve problems with a contract before expensive disputes arise in the future. Contact Schecter Law today for legal advice on any type of contract or real estate dispute to ensure that your interests are represented.

 You should never sign a contract without having a South Florida residential real estate attorney  review the contract before you sign the contract, as you may have no adequate legal remedy even if there are unfavorable or unfair terms. Any questions or concerns you have about the contract and the property need to be addressed before the agreement is signed. Once the contract is signed, it is usually to late to protect your interests. Most importantly, a skilled South Florida residential real estate attorney will be able to catch last minute hidden pitfalls with the contract that can cost you such as a lack of a remedy for property damage, property insurance issues, verbal promises that were not translated to writing, and more.

An experienced South Florida residential real estate attorney will be able to advise you on the  real estate,  legal and tax issues which may arise at closing, such as Florida property taxes, potential use of property issues, zoning issues, income tax consequences and others. A South Florida residential real estate attorney will also perform all of the duties that would normally be handled by a title company at closing including title examination, researching liens on the property, checking the status of real estate taxes, looking up property restrictions and easements and more.

The cost for hiring a South Florida residential real estate attorney instead of a title company is almost the same, and a South Florida residential real estate attorney can handle every aspect of a real estate closing and prepare every document necessary. A South Florida real estate lawyer can also handle any steps required to clear title defects if necessary. Don’t make the mistake of relying on your real estate agent’s  advice at closing. A real estate agent has an interest of seeing the transaction close quickly in order to get paid and cannot legally advise you on any aspect of your contract. Your real estate lawyer will be unbiased and can answer questions about real estate law that your agent will not be able to answer.

A real estate agent can help out with some aspects of the process such as connecting the buyer and seller and initiating negotiations, but only a real estate attorney can perform the due diligence required to protect your full interests from the very beginning of contract negotiations to the very end.  If you are at the point of closing, you need to hire a real estate attorney immediately to ensure your interests are protected. Call Schecter Law now to schedule a consultation and get the experienced and professional legal representation you need for your real estate closing

Fort Lauderdale will be getting more luxury waterfront condos in 2015 at a desirable location north of the Ritz Carlton, and prices will start at $2.4 million. The project will begin in September of 2014, and will be completed by the end of 2015.

There is expected to be a high demand for the units from baby boomers, and a South Florida luxury resident real estate attorney can offer expert assistance to baby boomers and others who are looking to purchase a luxury condo in the region. 22 units will be constructed by Grand Birch, LLC near Bayshore Drive, and the condos will overlook the Intracoastal Waterway.

The land was originally purchased by Grand Birch in 2012, and other developers have constructed hundreds of condos in Broward over the past few years. There is no expectation that the recent boom of condo construction in the region will cease anytime soon, as there continues to be a strong demand for luxury condos in the region from both foreign and local buyers.

Luxury Condo Buyers Should Consult with a South Florida Luxury Residential Real Estate Attorney. A luxury condo purchase is one of the most important real estate purchases in a buyer’s life, and potentially costly mistakes should be avoided during the process of finding luxury real estate and negotiating an agreement. Anyone who is looking for luxury condos in South Florida should consult with a South Florida luxury residential real estate attorney who can offer advice on the unique considerations of a luxury waterfront property and review the contract to ensure that it is agreeable.

A South Florida luxury residential real estate attorney with knowledge of the local market will be able to advise buyers on which condos would be the most desirable based on their preferences. Luxury waterfront condos have several unique considerations that a South Florida luxury residential real estate attorney can advise on such as potentially higher insurance rates for hurricane coverage, distance to boat traffic and the water, and more.

The cost for hiring an experienced real estate attorney for this advice is well worth it for such an important investment. As the demand for luxury waterfront condos in Fort Lauderdale continues to rise, more people will need experienced advice regarding luxury real estate purchases. Contact a South Florida luxury residential real estate attorney at Schecter Law today for expert advice regarding the purchase of luxury waterfront real estate today.

Condominiums created and existing in the state of Florida are subject to the provisions of the Florida Condominium Act. The Act gives statutory recognition to the condo form of ownership of real property and establishes procedures for the creation, sale, and operation of condos. Our South Florida condominium dispute attorneys are well equipped to handle the entire spectrum of matters that may occur.