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Zoning and Planning Issues to Look For When Buying Property

Posted on: November 17, 2017

Zoning and Planning Issues to Look for When Buying Property in South Florida

As a real estate buyer in Florida, it is your responsibility to perform adequate due diligence while eying a specific property. One of the most crucial steps is to check the current zoning and review planning concerns, whether it’s a commercial or residential investment.

Zoning codes affect homes and commercial buildings because they dictate exactly what you can and can’t do on the property. They can vary significantly from one neighborhood to another, depending on where you plan on making a purchase.

A South Florida residential real estate attorney can assist you with accurate zoning research so that you can avoid making a costly mistake on a property or the hassle of having to change your modification plans.

Potential Planning and Zoning Restrictions

Local building codes can limit your options with a new construction or remodeling. This can include:

There are many more potential zoning considerations, but this offers a quick review of how these regulations could affect your potential purchase.

If you have specific plans for your property, you’ll always way to meet with a residential real estate attorney in South Florida to ensure that you’ll be able to make those changes.

Flooding Zones

In South Florida, a number of neighborhoods have flooding considerations that must be planned for before you make a property purchase.

If your property is located in a flood zone, you will have mandatory flood insurance requirements unless the average flood depths are less than 1 foot.

This is another area where the expertise of a local attorney will prove to be valuable, and this research is vital for both commercial and residential real estate purchases and investments.

You need an expert for zoning related concerns

Although it may seem tempting to try to research zoning codes on your own, they can be quite complex depending on your specific situation and planned property usage or modification. You might find some information online, but there are still plenty of questions that have to be clarified regarding exactly how zoning laws will affect your particular purchase.

This is why speaking with a real estate attorney with experience in South Florida is so important. Whether you are planning on making a commercial or residential real estate purchase in South Florida, you can rely on the expertise of Schecter Law for any zoning or other concerns. Contact us today (954) 779-7009 with your questions.