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Zoning Issues to Look For When Buying Property

Posted on: February 10, 2018

When choosing to buy either residential or commercial property, there are a range of zoning and planning issues to consider, making it important to meet with a Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney to discuss which of them apply to your situation.

Zoning is just one of many considerations, but it can be particularly important for your next commercial real estate deal. Understanding your zoning limitations will help you plan out your potential usage of a property and determine whether it will be viable for your intended purposes.

Considerations with zoning

Zoning restricts the use of the property and specifies how it can be used. It can set requirements for the size of the building, limit enhancements or additions, storage space, parking, and more.

It can also determine whether or not animals are allowed on a particular property, the storage of RVs or boats, and a range of other issues.

Design and development restrictions

If you have plans to develop your property in the future, there can be zoning restrictions that limit how you can develop it.

There may be historic areas or buildings that you are not allowed to modify. There may be limitations on the number of units that you can develop on the property or restrictions on building placements for properties with wetlands. Some areas may have ecological or archeological significance.

A real estate attorney in Fort Lauderdale can research any potential property’s design and development restrictions to uncover any that might apply.

How will the neighborhood affect your property’s value?

Another consideration is to determine how zoning in the neighborhood will affect the future value of your property.

Is the adjacent lot next to yours going to be built into a small strip mall or apartment complex? How would that affect your property’s worth – would it benefit your business or potentially harm it?

It can also be helpful to check types of structures you will be surrounded by and whether the neighborhood fits your goals with the property purchase.  

Many of these issues can be challenging to plan for. That’s why it is always helpful to meet with a real estate attorney in Fort Lauderdale who can answer your questions about a particular neighborhood, take care of zoning research, and perform other due diligence steps.

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