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When Do You Need a Contract Dispute Lawyer?

Posted on: March 11, 2015

Contract disputes are sometimes an inevitable part of doing business, and a dispute can arise in several different circumstances. For instance, disputes occur when all parties don’t agree with a version of a contract, when contractors don’t agree with their contract terms, when there are mistakes with the contract, or coercion or fraud. When you get into any type of business dispute involving a contract, you will need to hire a Fort Lauderdale contract dispute lawyer to represent you in many cases. Having a lawyer to help you through your dispute is beneficial because contracts can be complex and disputes can be time consuming to resolve alone.

Types of remedies that are available

There are several different remedies that are available to one or both parties when a contract dispute arises, and your lawyer can inform you of the specific remedies available to you based on your situation. Legal remedies can include monetary damages for any losses or breached contracts. Both parties may also agree to take action to fix errors with the contract or rewrite the contract. The breaching party may also choose to comply with the terms of the contract after negotiation. An experienced lawyer will be able to analyze the situation and determine which remedies are the best for you.

Contract terminology can be complex

One good reason that you may need a Fort Lauderdale contract dispute attorney is the fact that contract terminology can be complicated. The legal terms and laws that govern many types of contracts are difficult for many business owners to understand. A knowledgeable attorney will have the experience to handle your dispute no matter how complex your contract is. Your lawyer can also explain what the terms of your contracts mean, the legal rights that you have available to you, and whether or not your current contracts need to be restructured to protect your interests.

Don’t try to handle a contract dispute on your own

It is a mistake to try to handle something as important as a contract dispute on your own. You may not get a fair remedy, and you may be putting you or your business in unnecessary legal risk by doing so. There may be remedies available to you that you are not aware of, and it always helps to have a legal expert by your side throughout the dispute who can help you through it and answer your questions. If you have a contract dispute of any type in your business, contact Mark Schecter at Schecter Law today for assistance.