Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When a person finally finds piece of real estate they want, they are often surprised by the high cost of:

Suddenly, a client may find that as much as an additional 10% has been added to the cost of the property just in fees alone.

At Schecter Real Estate Law, we have a real estate brokerage practice that can provide you with top quality representation while saving you money.

Schecter Real Estate Law’s real estate brokerage practice is dedicated to providing buyers of commercial and luxury residential real estate, as well as real estate brokers and agents, comprehensive and diligent representation.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

If you are a buyer of commercial or luxury residential real estate, Schecter Real Estate Law can arrange for the utilization of real estate brokerage services through Summa Realty, Inc., which usually will result in a rebate to the client of 1.75% of the property’s purchase price.

How does the real estate brokerage relationship work?

When you are ready to make an offer, you will contact Schecter Real Estate Law to negotiate the price and terms on your behalf and to prepare the contract and other necessary documents.

How does this benefit you?

Having an attorney involved at the inception of your transaction allows your attorney to comprehensively protect your interests.

Additionally, for purchasers of property listed at over $750,000, Summa Realty will only seek a 1.25% commission on the transaction and Schecter Real Estate Law will not charge you any legal fees incurred in connection with the:

provided, however, that Schecter Real Estate Law is selected as the title agent for your real property transaction.

You will be charged for any out-of-pocket costs incurred. At closing you would typically receive a rebate of 1.75% of the purchase price, based upon a 3% buyer’s brokerage fee, which would be paid by the seller of the transaction.

Real Estate Agent & Broker Representation

The real estate brokerage practice additionally focuses on the issues unique to real estate agents and brokers.

We counsel brokers and agents on how to avoid liability and anticipate potential problems in order to avoid expensive disputes. This includes the negotiation, preparation and drafting of real estate brokerage contracts, such as listing agreements.

By having our clients allow us to enter into the transaction prior to the execution of the real estate brokerage agreement, we are able to adequately and properly protect the interests of our clients.

Should any disputes result in litigation, Schecter Real Estate Law is fully prepared to prosecute or defend your claim through their extensive litigation practice.

Schecter Real Estate Law also represents real estate brokers and agents before all Florida administrative agencies, including the Florida Real Estate Commission. This experience assures the client of receiving the experienced real estate attorney they deserve in order to fully represent their interests.