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What If My Property Survey Is Not Correct?

Posted on: January 8, 2016

A property survey is a drawing of the boundaries of a specific property and includes details about its structures and easements. Property surveyors use the legal description of a property and other research to map out its boundaries. They may look up easements and other restrictions that are listed in the property’s deed history in order to create an accurate survey.

Property survey mistakes can lead to costly disputes

Property surveyors, architects, engineers, contractors, and property owners can all make mistakes with property surveys, and it’s these types of mistakes that can lead to costly disputes. A Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney can assist you with any disputes or problems that have resulted from an incorrect property survey, and it’s a good idea to get legal assistance early on in the dispute process.

Be sure that you always have an accurate property survey before buying a property

Before you buy a property or start any construction project, it’s essential to have an accurate property survey and review it thoroughly as one of your due diligence steps. For example, a discrepancy of just a few feet that causes a fence to encroach on a neighbor’s property can cost thousands of dollars or more to fix. Some surveys may look like they are complete and accurate to the untrained eye, but the survey may contain numerous mistakes.

Call the survey company if you believe there are problems with your survey

If for any reason you believe that there are problems with your property survey, call your surveyor. Ask them to verify if the issue that you are seeing with the survey is an actual inaccuracy. Property survey companies can make mistakes, and they should be able to update their survey for you if they did. This communication will also be helpful for resolving ongoing problems or disputes with any other parties.

Contact a real estate attorney for guidance

If you are involved in a property survey dispute or if you have questions about the survey for a particular property that you are interested in buying, contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney for advice. Your attorney can advise you on how to resolve your dispute whether it involves your neighbors, property seller, your lender, or any other party.

Many types of disputes involving inaccurate property surveys are settled out of court with the help of an attorney. Mark Schecter can give you advice on what to do in your particular situation. Contact Schecter Law at (954) 779-7009 for a consultation today.