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Useful Tips for Selling a Luxury Home Sooner Than Later

Posted on: December 23, 2018

Selling your luxury home

Why do some luxury homeowners sell their home quickly and pain-free while others struggle on the marketplace for several months or more?

Aside from working with a knowledgeable realtor and Fort Lauderdale luxury residential real estate attorney, below are some useful tips for selling your luxury home sooner rather than later.

Set the Price in the Right Zone

You probably don’t want to set the price way too low for obvious reasons, even if your luxury home can sell within days. But you don’t want to out-price comparable homes and sit on the market for months or more.

Your best price setting may be right around the market value or a little higher. Many sellers push for a premium price, but they fail to account for home repairs, the neighborhood, and many other factors that can diminish this gut-reaction valuation.

Find an Agent Who Knows How to Sell

There’s a certain kind of realtor who will list the home on the MLS and call it a day. They don’t market the home. These “post and pray” realtors are not doing justice to your property, and it is unlikely to sell any time soon with this basic level of support.

Marketing is especially vital in the luxury market. Direct marketing, like print campaigns, can be extremely useful. Social media and other channels can get your home in front of a larger audience. Ask your agent what they are going to do to market your home.

A Virtual Tour

A few years ago, photographs and a nice description would cut it. But if you really want to stand out and sell your home quickly, you need a virtual tour with video.

Any good real estate agent in the luxury market will emphasize a gorgeous virtual tour to accent the best features of the home. If you land this right, it will sell in no time.

The above quick tips can get you started selling your luxury home faster than you ever expected.

A Fort Lauderdale luxury residential real estate attorney can assist you with multiple steps in the process whether you are a buyer or seller, including drafting or reviewing purchase agreements, reviewing other documents, help with clearing your title or performing a title search, represent you at closing and much more.

A wide range of issues can pop up during the sale of your luxury home, and the cost to hire an attorney isn’t as much as you may think. Keep the process moving with the tips above, and contact Schecter Law today at (954) 779-7009 with any questions you may have.