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Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Posted on: February 3, 2018

As you plan your next major commercial real estate transaction in 2018, one of the most important decisions you will make is your choice of commercial real estate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.

Finding the right attorney can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your transaction, favorable negotiations, and drafting agreements that are both accurate and comprehensive.

Below are some tips so that you make the right decision with your next hire:

Check their experience in South Florida

Any attorney you hire must have specific experience in the South Florida market and be able to prove their background in commercial real estate transactions.

This market is unique, and any knowledgeable attorney should know the ins and outs of each neighborhood, zoning laws, and other specifics that will be applicable to your situation.

Make sure they specialize in commercial real estate

Not every real estate attorney will be qualified to help you on your next deal; you’ll want someone who specializes in the commercial side and who understands its intricacies.

Hiring an attorney without a distinct background in commercial real estate matters can result in several disadvantageous scenarios and is never recommended.

Hire an attorney early on in the process

Some wait until there is a problem or dispute before hiring an attorney, which is often too late in the process. Legal recourse may be limited if you already signed a document, or there may have been a key negotiation opportunity that was missed out on.

You can avoid situations where you are backed into a corner by having an attorney available early in the process to guide you through the most important steps of your commercial real estate transaction.

Don’t try to handle your transaction on your own

Even some of the seemingly simplest commercial real estate transactions are full of potential areas where things can go wrong. Agreements may be missing critical clauses to protect your interests, there can be oversights with due diligence steps, or mistakes made with zoning preparations.

With so many areas where things can go wrong, you’ll want to always have an attorney available, even if all you need is a few consultations.

If you are planning on an upcoming commercial real estate deal or if you have questions, call Mark Schecter at Schecter Law, a leading Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate lawyer, at (954) 779-7009.