Utilizing a South Florida Real Estate Lawyer in Real Estate Negotiations

Many buyers and sellers of real estate choose to work exclusively with their real estate agent for the majority of the negotiation process, even all the way until the point of closing. This is often a mistake, as a South Florida real estate lawyer is best suited to offer you advice during real estate contract negotiations. A South Florida real estate lawyer will be able to foresee potential issues with your contract that a realtor may overlook. There is also no situation where a realtor should be offering you legal advice, and if legal questions pop up during negotiations you need to rely on the advice of a lawyer to ensure that you are getting accurate advice. (more…)

If you ever feel pressured to finalize a real estate deal from a South Florida real estate lawyer or from your agent be very cautious. Your interest is not the same as the interest of your real estate agent at the point of closing, and there may be parts of the deal that you would object to upon closer examination. (more…)