Integration Clause Leads to Commercial Dispute

AGBL Enterprises, LLC v. Girlcook, Inc., 96 So.3d 1058 (Fla. 4th DCA 2012):

AGBL Enterprises (“Lessor”) leased a commercial building in a shopping plaza to be used as a full service restaurant to Girlcook (“Lessee”). The lease contained an integration clause that stated, “[T]he entire agreement between the Lessor and Lessee consists solely of the terms in this lease and the accompanying rider. The agreement between the lessor and lessee will not consist of any verbal or implied statements which are not specifically written in this lease or the accompanying rider.” Despite the shopping plaza undergoing major renovations at the time the lease was signed, no provision in the lease required the renovations to be completed by any specific date. Moreover, Lessee agreed to accept the premises, which included the building being leased and the entirety of the plaza, in the current condition at the beginning of the rental period. The lease also required Lessee to make monthly rent payments before the first day of each month. Lessor was responsible for maintaining the roof, foundation and exterior of the building, and all parking areas in decent repair for their intended use.