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South Florida Luxury Real Estate: The Right Deal

Posted on: March 28, 2021

Record South Florida Luxury Home Sales

According to the Real Deal, Luxury properties that were priced over one million, reached a height of 203 percent for single-family home sales in South Florida last month.  As each month comes to a close, those involved in the day-to-day South Florida real estate market no doubt wax poetic about it being yet another record-breaking month that surpasses the previous month in sales, and for good reason. The market is not missing a beat.

Luxury Condo’s In South Florida Making Their Mark

While luxury residential home sales have just about tripled in some areas, luxury condos’ are making quite a climb as well. Much of the to-do in luxury real estate sales are in large part thanks to out-of-towners. With restrictions in many big cities still having a foot-hold and the cost-of-living at an all-time high; families need a reason to stay and geographical areas like New York, where the dollar doesn’t go very far, quieter, sunnier pieces of property, like those found in South Florida are very appealing and continue to appeal to the masses up north.

Companies Take Refuge With Tax-Friendly Florida

According to Forbes, many of the companies moving to Florida are doing so for the health, safety, and wellbeing of their businesses and employees. With Florida considered as a tax haven for some, the move and relocations make for the most sensible choice. With lower overhead, some companies are able to stay afloat and others are able to expand further. South Florida offers luxury, freedom, and value.

Are You In The Market For A Luxury Home In South Florida?

If you are in the market for a luxury home in South Florida, you must prepare yourself to make an offer and be open to negotiation.  The most important thing you must do is to reach out to a South Florida Luxury Real Estate Attorney.  In your absence, and during your transition, you need to ensure that your best interests are being met and that is where your attorney can liaise for you as you pack up to relocate. Mark Schecter is an experienced Luxury Real Estate Attorney with a reputation that precedes him.

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