South Florida Luxury Condominium Features

Posted on: January 14, 2014

When buying luxury residential real estate, there are many qualities of the property that a purchaser should explore. South Florida luxury condominium projects have been booming.  Purchasers are generally aware of location, location, location; however, other aspects need to be considered. The knowledgeable luxury residential real estate attorneys at Schecter Law have the experience to assist buyers in their luxury real estate transaction.

In addition to location, the view from a condominium is an important feature. In many cases, great location will mean a great view. The South Florida luxury condominiums located near the water often have amazing views, but it is wise to see the property and make sure nothing detracts from your view. Moreover, a buyer should investigate whether the area surrounding the condominium may be developed. A luxury view now in existence may be ruined by a future nearby project.

A luxury residential real estate attorney may assist with other less obvious details about the condominium. When you walk into a luxury condominium, a breathtaking ocean view may distract you from the fact that there are low ceilings. Further, a condominium might include a column in the living space. This may be stylish to some, but others find this design feature to be wasted space. Similarly, closet and storage space may be misjudged in condominiums. These details may cause buyer’s remorse if not carefully considered prior to purchase.

Another attribute of luxury residential real estate is the condominium’s amenities. Pools, spas, and fitness centers are features that are important to many South Florida luxury condominium purchasers. Likewise, an in-unit laundry room is an attribute that, when missing, can be a deal-breaker for some purchasers. Extra amenities are an attractive perk to a luxury condominium purchaser. Private beach club memberships, zen parks, and concierge service are some features of South Florida luxury condominiums. Contact the experienced South Florida residential real estate and title attorneys at Schecter Law to assist in your search for a luxury condominium.