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South Florida Commercial Investors

Posted on: January 31, 2021

Commercial Investors In South Florida

While the luxury real estate market is doing extraordinarily well, don’t count South Florida Commercial Real Estate Investors out. From commercial buildings to multi-family units, Commercial Real Investors are doing exceptionally well considering the state of sister markets nationwide.

Commercial Properties

The only way to go is up for commercial investors.  From the recent news that big tech is swarming to South Florida to top names in entertainment relocating to the sunshine state, there is more yet to come.  In a large acquisition, developers have retained 6+ million dollars along with plans for a 292 unit designated for multi-families on over 30 acres in Thonotosassa, a high-profile Palm Beach bankruptcy sale of notable properties worth upwards of 21 million that includes a post office building, and news that a Sheetz family member unloaded 26 million of commercial properties in the exclusive enclave of Palm Beach,  commercial investors are shaking things up and growth appears to be on the horizon.

Boost In South Florida Continues

To recap on all of the reporting of major tech execs making big moves into South Florida and the looming question of jobs,  if this activity is any indicator of what the future holds, we might also ask, what if anything new do these execs and tech giants plan on building here? We’ll have to wait for future disclosures but with no peak in sight, now is a good time for real estate investors interested in the South Florida local to get acquainted with properties of interest and prepare their offers.  There is much competition in South Florida and while you may have found a commercial property to meet your needs, blink and you may find that that property has an offer or is pending.

Get Help From A Seasoned Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Speak to an experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorney in South Florida as early on in the process as possible so that you may have the proper counsel and guidance on how to move through the process effectively and efficiently. Get ahead of competing buyers, prepare solid contracts and preserve your rights; call or contact Mark Schecter for assistance today: tel:954-779-7009