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Shortage Of Luxury Homes In South Florida?

Posted on: April 28, 2021

Supply And Demand In South Florida Luxury Real Estate

Those looking to scoop up Luxury Homes in South Florida are still facing an uphill climb. Putting an offer in doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to complete the luxury homes purchase and that is because Luxury Homes are in their highest demand yet. By the time a buyer puts their offer letter together, another buyer has gone into contract with a cash offer. As reported in The Real Deal recently, one popular Luxury Homebuilder unloaded three high-asset homes in a matter of a week’s time.

The competition is fierce and bubbling over so, it is best to move fast when you believe you have found the right home. An experienced South Florida Luxury Real Estate Attorney can help you by acting as your representative and liaison on the ground in Florida.  You may not be able to travel back and forth as frequently as you like, especially if you are still wrapping things back up North. You don’t have time to lose or time to waste, if you know what you’re looking for, you can take advantage of the assistance of an attorney to put an action plan together so that you are able to get your foot in the door.

Transitioning To South Florida

Making a move or relation to South Florida during what some consider an overactive market can be difficult especially if you are not very well represented by a seasoned Luxury Real Estate Attorney. That being said, your competition is not just with other buyers, it is with other entities as well.  Highly sought-after properties are moving at such a fast pace that it is in the best interest of buyers to have a knowledgeable team of representatives working with them on this endeavor. The journey of buying your luxury home is significantly easier when you’re located within the state which is why it is highly recommended that you set up representation as soon as possible. Mark Schecter has a reputation for excellence and is available to assist you now. Don’t put it off another week.

Waterfront Luxury Home Shortage

While all luxury homes are giving buyers and sellers a run for their money, those luxury homes located on waterfronts are even harder to buy. Transplants aren’t only interested in lush green golf communities, they ultimately want to be near the water and for this reason, if you’re searching for or in the market for a Luxury Waterfront home in South Florida, you don’t have the luxury of time.

For immediate help with your luxury home purchase or sale, contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you.