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Resolving Brokerage Disagreements Between Agents and Buyers or Sellers

Posted on: December 22, 2015

Like any business relationship, real estate agents and buyers and sellers can have disputes. Many disputes result from poor communication, but in other cases real estate agents don’t provide the level of service that the buyer or seller expects.

Clients who feel neglected are likely to end up causing disputes that can slow transactions down or cause them to end entirely. Hiring a Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer can be very helpful for resolving many of these disputes, as they can act as an intermediate representing the interests of the buyer and try to sort out problems with a particular agent.

It’s crucial to pick the right agent from the beginning

Both buyers and sellers need to be extremely careful to pick the right agent from the beginning. Buyers and sellers need to perform due diligence and hire an agent that has the expertise and the background that they are looking for. Many people choose an agent without doing any research at all, and this is one of the main reasons why disputes occur. Sellers are more likely to interview multiple agents before making a final choice, while buyers are often more impulsive and choose the first agent they meet.

Discuss your expectations openly

Expectations for the agent need to be discussed openly such as the frequency of communication and the desire for regular meetings. If there are issues that are important to the seller or buyer, they need to be clearly addressed at the start of the agreement. Buyers or sellers who don’t communicate what they want to their agent can run into problems when tensions build up and concerns are not addressed in the open.    

Work it out with the brokerage

In some cases, the buyer or seller may not want to work with a particular agent anymore due to an unresolvable conflict. Buyers can change agents a lot easier than sellers, as a general rule. Every seller has to sign a listing agreement while some buyers don’t even have contracts with their agent.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you can usually speak to the broker in charge of the agent to resolve a conflict. In many cases you can be assigned another agent from the same office without voiding your contract or running into compensation disputes.

To learn more about how to resolve issues with your real estate agent, contact Mark Schecter, a leading Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer by calling (954) 779-7009.