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Residential Markets Set For Rocket Launch

Posted on: January 15, 2021

South Florida Real Estate Soars Beyond Expectations

Once again Florida Real Estate is making the news in unprecedented ways. Nothing any seasoned real estate professional could have predicted for Real Estate in South Florida could have been measured as successfully as what has manifested in the Sunshine State during a global pandemic.

The South Florida Real Estate Industry Expected The Worse

The pandemic created so much uncertainty and volatility throughout the US that industry experts expected the real estate market to hit lower records than anything we could have experienced in years past but that didn’t happen. Instead, something extraordinary happened in Florida.¬† Instead, we have experienced a deluge of interest in our South Florida real estate.

Influx Of Transplants

While northern and western states are experiencing an exodus, Florida is experienced mass arrival of northern and western transplants. Many of the latter are high-net-worth executives and individuals looking to move-on from the pandemic, the cold, and precariousness of the pandemic lockdowns of their home states.

In recent months the residential and luxury residential markets have soared with home sales in the billions across South Florida. With single-family homes at the center of these sales, the market is expected to continue to swell.

Relocating To Florida?

For those looking to relocate their families to South Florida, the process can often seem daunting and tedious, for this reason, we highly recommend working with a seasoned South Florida Luxury Real Estate Attorney like Mark Schecter. A professional is best able to liaise between yourself and all other parties involved in your purchase of a Luxury Home in South Florida. Your Real Estate Attorney works with:


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