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When and Why You Need to Hire a Business Attorney

Posted on: May 21, 2017

Throughout the life of your business, there will likely be multiple points where you’ll need to hire a South Florida business attorney.

Business owners will sometimes wait until they have no other option than to hire an attorney for a pressing legal issue, however proactive company founders will often get advice from an attorney at the start of their venture.

Whether you choose to hire one now or in the future, a business attorney’s advice can be incredibly valuable to your venture and well worth the cost.

An attorney can help your business get off the ground faster

If you’ve been stuck in launch mode for several months, spending a little money from your startup budget to hire a business formation attorney in South Florida may be just what you need.

Your attorney can take care of the often time-consuming tasks of helping you choose the right business structure, filing your paperwork, obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits and other steps in order to allow you to focus on launching your business and preparing for your first month.

A business attorney with real estate experience can help you find the perfect location

It may not seem obvious, but an experienced business attorney can also help you secure the perfect location.

Business law firms that also offer local real estate services like Schecter Law are ideal for this type of advice, as they have worked with commercial real estate extensively and can help you determine where in South Florida your business would have the best chance of success.

This can save you a substantial amount of time during your search for a location, and your attorney may also be able to help you find an excellent deal on a commercial space.

Your attorney will help you prepare for the future of your business

A South Florida business attorney can also assist you with the future preparations for your company including creating a profit sharing agreement and setting your business up for a potential future sale. Your attorney will point out any particular liability areas that you should be concerned about as you get your company started.

You will always benefit from having an attorney available to advise you during your most important business planning steps, especially as your company starts off. The proactive guidance of an attorney will help you avoid potential lawsuits, regulatory issues, and other potential legal problems that can impact your profitability.  

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