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Do You Need an Attorney to Help with Your Business Formation?

Posted on: May 24, 2017

Working with a South Florida business formation lawyer often makes sense when you need assistance with launching your business.

A business formation attorney will have the experience to help you make critical decisions such as choosing your particular business structure, drafting some of your initial contracts, and even with finding the best potential location for your business in the area.

You’ll want to choose a highly experienced business attorney to help you make these important decisions which will have a major impact on your future success and operations.

It’s wise to get advice regarding your legal structure

One of the most important and challenging decisions for any new business is the process of choosing an appropriate legal structure. There are significant implications when it comes to your tax obligations, personal liability, reporting requirements, annual meeting requirements, stock allocations and more. Your business formation attorney in South Florida will be able to help you determine the best option after a few details are gathered.

Get assistance with contracts

You’ll very likely need to have contracts created at one point or another during the operation of your business. Your attorney can also assist you with developing your most important contracts including agreements you may have with employees or 1099 contractors, suppliers and vendors, client agreements and more.

These agreements will need to have the appropriate clauses to protect you from liability and will need to be properly structured to comply with local and state business law. Any contracts that others may want you to sign can be reviewed by your attorney as a side benefit.

Commercial real estate advice

Whether you choose to lease or purchase a commercial building, deciding on a location in South Florida is one of the most critical steps as you launch your business. Some South Florida business real estate lawyers will have enough experience with the local real estate market to offer you advice on finding a location.

If your attorney has commercial real estate services, be sure to take advantage of them as you’ll save money and take care of multiple requirements in one place.

Mark Schecter at Schecter Law has many years of South Florida commercial real estate experience and is also a leading business formation attorney who can advise you on any of the above-mentioned issues and more.

Contact Schecter Law today at (954)-779-7009 if you have any real estate related or legal questions about your current business venture at all.