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More Reasons Why South Florida is a Top Commercial Real Estate Market

Posted on: November 26, 2018

South Florida is one of the most productive places to invest.

South Florida is one of the most productive places in the country to invest in both residential and commercial real estate.

High yields and a strong economy have contributed to a major boom in Florida home buying and the growth of the commercial sector. The continued increasing population statewide has benefitted the local market and spurned growth across multiple industries.

South Florida is a dazzling commercial real estate market. What is happening in the region to make it such a hot place to buy?

Below are three more reasons why you might consider meeting with a South Florida commercial real estate lawyer to plan your next investment here:

Extensive Support From Experts and Financiers

The systems and experts around commercial real estate support it locally in South Florida. The population growth of the region has led to growing interest from financiers and commercial real estate developers. Real estate investment trusts have blossomed.

You can find financing, development partners, wealth management experts, experienced South Florida commercial real estate lawyers, and all the support you need for successful investments.

International Interest

The region is exploding with new revitalized international interest. This has further spurred the marketplace into action and growth. Spain, Canada, China, Germany, and others are buying and developing in big ways.

Latin American investing has reached a fever pitch due to economic instability in the region. Investors are seeking a safe haven, and South Florida is it. This presents even more opportunities for commercial investors.

The Future Looks Bright

Florida investing has accelerated enough that few things could slow down the train. Tourism will continuously draw money into the state. Large construction projects still continue. The overall economy is vibrant.

For example, Palm Beach posted record quarters in 2018 for home sales. Both the luxury and the multifamily residential markets are steadily rising.

It is just the right time to place your attention towards southern end of the state.  All signs point to an even healthier future for South Florida.

Learn more about how South Florida can serve as the perfect destination for your next commercial real estate venture.

Mark Schecter at Schecter Law is a highly experienced commercial real estate attorney in South Florida who is available to answer your questions about the market.

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