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Mistakes Most People Make When Preparing Their Home to Sell

Posted on: August 1, 2019

4 Mistakes Most People Make When Preparing Their Home to Sell

Unless you hire an army of professionals, including a South Florida residential real estate attorney, and take a hands-off approach to sell your Sunshine State home, chances are you need some sound advice before getting started.

There are plenty of things you should do to sell your home quickly and as close to asking price – or, ideally, over. However, there a few things that will nix your chances of making a good sale. Below are a few things that reduce the value of a listed home.

Low-quality photos

Photos are the first thing that draws buyers to your listing – if they like what they see, they then scroll down to read the details. Far too many homes are listed with poor, pixelated photos that don’t show the place in the best light and from the best angles. Hire a photographer to take your photos – a wide-angle lens will capture three corners of a room and they will know exactly where to place themselves to capture the best light. Make the most of your photographer by ensuring the house is cleaned, repaired, and staged before your appointment. The last thing you want in your photos is a dirty laundry hamper or a sink full of dishes.

Not making necessary repairs – or making too many of them

Chipped walls? Unpruned hedges? -replaced or cleaned? Dull, scratched floors? Fix them. These are low-cost, easy fixes that will make the home look inviting and cared for to potential buyers.

Be selective on the pre-list projects you take on – not everything needs replacing, and some may not increase the sale price enough to recoup the cost of the renovation.

Ignoring or not disclosing problems

Not a good time to sweep under the rug your home’s issues – be honest and upfront about it and it will save you time and legal fees in the long run. This is an area when our South Florida residential real estate attorney can help you manage any issues upfront, and find the best way to document them.

Not hiring the right real estate professionals

Finding the Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney, agent, stager, and photographer are crucial to a smooth sale. Talk to a few reputable certified realtors and do a reference check. You’ll want to know what experience the agent has sold homes in your market or geographic area.

Call Schecter Law to discuss legal needs. With the help of a Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney, you can ensure the selling process is straightforward and avoid any pitfalls along the way. Are you a buyer? We can help you, too. Call us today at (954) 779-7009.