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Luxury Home Buying On The Rise During Covid-19

Posted on: August 31, 2020

Luxury Real Estate Buyers Seeking To Purchase A Luxury Home 

South Florida is a top luxury real estate market and according to recent news, the pandemic has not stopped the sale of luxury homes in South Florida.  In fact, home buying is on the rise. While real estate agents, buyers, and sellers report a new standard for viewing and showing homes, their market continues to heat up. 

Taking Precautions During COVID

Real Estate agents and sellers are now organizing and coordinating viewings around safety to prevent the spread of COVID.  As a precaution, Real Estate Agents are no longer conducting open houses in the traditional sense where multiple buyers view a home the same time in rapid succession. Instead, agents are now limiting the showings to one set of potential buyers, facilitating a full cleaning of the property, and then proceeding to have the next set of potential buyers come in. 

With hourly appointments spaced safely apart by two or more hours, this can seem inconvenient but the South Florida luxury home market is in demand and therefore it is well worth the wait to make an offer on the home you have been waiting for. 

Buyers Eyeing South Florida But Which County Provides The Best Value?

If you are looking to buy a luxury home in South Florida and the home is located in Broward County, you are in even better shape. As reported by Mansion Global, Broward County offers a better return on your investment. 

If you’re looking to buy in South Florida, it was reported that Broward County is “more appealing than ever” to northerners. The reality is that the pandemic has changed much about how individuals work, live, and conduct business.  The most important elements that have come to the surface are the importance of family, health and comfort. The latter is why many are choosing South Florida as their new home destination. 

Buying From Out-Of-State? If you are one of the thousands of northerners looking to relocate to Florida and partake in the lifestyle Floridians know and love, be prepared to make a winning offer as the competition is steep. If your current home of residence is outside of the state, you need a Florida representative who can handle and assist you with your transaction. You need an experienced South Florida Luxury Home Real Estate Attorney who can work with you every step of the way. 

From helping you retain an experienced, reliable and trustworthy agent, to scheduling inspections, appraisals and every detail in between. Mark Schecter knows and understands South Florida Real Estate and having someone who specializes in Luxury Real Estate Law can help you facilitate your luxury home purchase ensuring a smooth transaction and transition.  

What Sets Broward County Apart?

South Florida’s waterfront has always been popular with the home values trailing into the millions. Prime beach waterfront is always key on a homebuyer’s list with bayfronts following close behind, however, not all waterfront property is created equal. Miami’s beaches, a prized possession to South Florida have a draw to them, an excitement that pulls to the vibrance of Miami however, that magnetic energy can also cause more population and traffic which is not ideal for all luxury home buyers. 

New South Florida Luxury Home Buyers

The often underrated Broward county can offer a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Miami. It really is all about preference and at present, Broward County is a prized South Florida Luxury Home destination due to how the new buyers view the area as a whole:

When a homebuyer finally finds their perfect home and location, they commonly pay a premium for that luxury home. The purchase of a luxury home in South Florida can be a complex matter and having the assistance of a qualified and reliable attorney to handle the transaction can save you on both time and finances. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you.