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Laws that Commercial Real Estate Owners and Buyers Should Know About

Posted on: July 13, 2015

Owners and buyers of commercial real estate in Florida should know that there are many state and local laws that can affect their investment or business. Commercial real estate law is not an easy field to learn about without the advice of an experienced South Florida real estate attorney. There are several laws that you may need to have explained to you regarding insurance, zoning, and contracts and how they apply to your unique situation.

Zoning and land use laws are significant in any commercial real estate deal

If you are involved in a commercial real estate deal, you will need to be aware of how local zoning laws will affect your business or tenants. These laws determine whether or not your property can be used for a particular business or purpose. Every business, from the largest retail store to the smallest food vendor, is affected by zoning laws. Operations can be shut down for just one zoning law violation or there may be fines or other legal problems. If you aren’t sure about how zoning laws will affect your business or tenants, you should speak to an attorney long before you negotiate any lease agreement.

Insurance laws will affect your business

Insurance laws are unique in Florida compared to other states, and a local attorney can give you advice on the insurance laws that will affect your particular business or property. Whether you are leasing your building out to a tenant or renting a property, you will need to have adequate coverage. You’ll need to know what you are liable for and what your landlord or tenant is liable for. Every situation is different, but an experienced attorney will be able to advise you on your particular circumstance and ensure that you know what type of coverage that you will need.

Contract laws determine your rights

When buying, renting or leasing commercial properties you will need to understand how Florida’s contract laws affect your deal. The laws of the state determine the legal remedies that you have available if something goes wrong with your contract in the future. An experienced South Florida real estate attorney will explain how contract laws can be applied to your situation and discuss the options that you have available to you if there is a conflict in the future.

Mark Schecter is an experienced commercial real estate attorney who has a deep knowledge of the Florida contract, insurance, zoning/land use and other laws that can affect your commercial real estate deal. Contact Schecter Law today to have your questions answered or for a consultation regarding any commercial real estate law issue that you are involved in.