Involve Real Estate Attorneys for Successful Construction Projects

Posted on: June 25, 2013

Disputes often arise over the course of a large construction project. Fortunately, luxury real estate attorneys know how to minimize risk and the likelihood of disputes. Involving attorneys can be the key to a successful project. A large construction project will involve several contracts and must take into account both state and federal laws. Disputes over construction contracts may result in litigation, which can be costly in both time and money. Also, state and federal laws must be followed to avoid expensive penalties and fines. Our experienced, luxury real estate law firm can help avoid these potential issues.

An important step in a construction project is to draft a clear, unambiguous contract to protect the interests of the parties. In a large construction project, there will be a different contractor responsible for different portions of the project. A thorough, tailored contract should be drafted with each different contractor for each different portion of the project. A clear contract with each contractor will minimize uncertainty and provide well-defined consequences. On the other hand, a poorly drafted contract missing important details such as an indemnity clause, an alternative dispute resolution provision or dates for completion may lead to costly litigation. Hiring a real estate attorney to draft or review a contract helps protect a party’s interests and can save time and money by preventing the disputes that often lead to litigation.

An additional issue an experienced attorney can help you to investigate before beginning a construction project is to make sure a particular project is allowed by state and local zoning and land use laws. The use of a building being built, height, or other characteristics may not be permitted in the planned location. Further, federal laws intended to protect the environment can result in expensive penalties and fines. It is essential to be aware these requirements before proceeding with a construction project.

A real estate attorney can be invaluable for complex issues that arise in the course of a large construction project. Through knowledge and experience, an attorney can help prevent disputes before they materialize. With extensive experience dealing in a wide range of complex commercial and construction transactions, Schecter Law is well equipped to handle a broad range of construction project-related issues.

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