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Tips for Investing in a Luxury Real Estate Property in South Florida

Posted on: April 19, 2016

The luxury real estate market in South Florida has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and luxury homes are in high demand. Buying a luxury home in the area can be an excellent investment that can earn you a significant profit, but it’s a wise decision to contact a South Florida luxury real estate attorney before you make a final purchase and before negotiations begin.

Hiring the right knowledgeable attorney will help you reduce your liability and help you ensure that you’re making the best investment decision based on your goals.

Think about the unique aspects of the property

Luxury properties often need to have something unique about them to draw potential renters or buyers. Sometimes they will want privacy, or beach access, custom architecture, a chef’s kitchen, guest housing, outdoor living spaces, and other unique amenities.

You’ll have to determine what type of features that your potential buyers or renters will be looking for in a particular area, and an experienced South Florida luxury real estate attorney like Mark Schecter can help you determine what your buyers or renters might be looking for.

Be sure to plan your investment out carefully

As you probably already know, luxury real estate investments require a large down payment and a substantial amount of liquidity. Because of this, you will want to plan out every step of your investment carefully, and have a contingency plan in place.

A South Florida luxury real estate attorney can help you plan out your investment, including drafting purchase and sale agreements, handling disputes and negotiations, reviewing reports and surveys, and helping you determine how much money you’ll need at minimum.

You have several options available with a luxury real estate investment

When you choose to invest in luxury real estate in South Florida you can pick from several different potential options. Depending on the amount of money that you have available to invest, you can choose from building a luxury property from scratch, renovating an existing property, or purchasing and renting a luxury property out as a vacation home.

There is also the benefit of less competition in the luxury real estate market regardless of what path you decide to take because there are fewer investors with the necessary net worth and the willingness to invest in the luxury market.

Mark Schecter at Schecter Law has helped many of his clients with successful luxury real estate investments and can guide you on any aspect of your next purchase. Contact Schecter Law today at (954)-779-7009 to ask any questions that you may have.