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How to Find the Right Commercial Real Estate Lawyer for Your Needs

Posted on: September 27, 2019

Commercial Real Estate: What You Need To Know

The world of commercial real estate can get complicated and overwhelming if you’re just entering the business. Having a lawyer on your side is crucial, but you want to make sure you find an attorney that truly has your best interests in mind. Taking the time to choose the right lawyer can prove instrumental in helping your business grow beyond your wildest dreams. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a commercial real estate lawyer in South Florida.


1. Find Someone Who’s Well-Rounded


Of course, you’ll want to find an attorney who specializes in commercial real estate, but you also want to ensure that their skill set will meet all of your needs. Be sure your lawyer is well-versed in contract negotiation and remedies, tenant issues, lease review, and renewal terms. If there’s a specific need that’s important to you, ask about it!


2. Ask for References


When you apply for a new job, you are often asked to provide references. You should be asking for references from the potential lawyers you’re speaking with as well. Many attorneys will connect you with former clients, but be sure to research for yourself into what the lawyer has achieved.


3. Make Sure You Have a Connection


Even if someone looks perfect on paper, you need to have a genuine connection with them to form the best relationship. You’ll be working with your attorney on a regular basis, and you need a good match if your business is going to succeed. Be sure to meet with them in person more than once to establish your relationship.


4. Understand Your Costs


Price is obviously a big consideration, but don’t skimp on the services you really need. Ask for a quote, and inquire into exactly how you will be billed. Consider if you will need to pay a retainer, a flat fee, or simply hourly. Every attorney is different, so be sure to compare and find exactly what you need.

Experienced  Guidance

Commercial real estate is a complicated world, but finding the perfect attorney for your needs can make the journey easier and more enjoyable. Mark Schecter is one of the most experienced and respected attorneys in the field, and he has helped countless business owners get off the ground. Contact Mark today for more information about how he can help your commercial real estate venture.