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How a South Florida Business Formation Attorney Can Help

Posted on: April 14, 2018

Business Formation Advice

As you prepare to launch your next business in South Florida, it’s well worth your time to meet with a business formation attorney to discuss some of the potential ways they can help.

It’s often advisable to get legal assistance with crucial steps like drafting your operating agreement and contracts, choosing the proper business structure, obtaining business licenses and more.

Here are just a few of the many ways that a business formation attorney can help:

Choosing the Proper Business Structure

We have discussed the importance of selecting the proper business structure on this blog in the past; doing so is of the utmost importance from the beginning.

It affects your liability, how you are taxed, your level of control and more. You’ll want the advice of a business formation attorney to decide on your structure, and the earlier that you consult with one the better.

Business Licenses in Florida

Permits and business licenses are required for most businesses in Florida. If your experience with your particular business is limited, you may not know which exact licenses you need among other requirements.

Regardless of where you are planning on launching your business in South Florida, it’s helpful to meet with an attorney to get advice or assistance with the specific licenses you’ll need.

Drafting Contracts

There are a variety of contracts that every business may need from the very beginning including employee and contractor agreements, terms of service for customers, corporate or privacy policies, vendor agreements and more.

It’s essential for these legal agreements to be properly drafted to reduce the liability of the business owners as much as possible and ensure that every necessary term is included.

Have an attorney draft your agreements or review them at the very least. Avoid trying to handle this area on your own to avoid a variety of potentially messy and costly legal situations.

Finding a Top Location

For many businesses, finding the right location is half the battle. It’s another area where an experienced business formation attorney with a background in commercial real estate can help.

With plenty of considerations such as zoning, neighborhood, traffic, visibility, competition, lease structure, and a variety of lease negotiation points, it’s always helpful to get the assistance of a qualified South Florida business formation attorney on this step.

Your attorney can help with many other areas including drafting your operating agreement, bylaws, filing any necessary documents, and other specific advice for your situation.

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