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How a Lawyer Can Help Your Small Business

Posted on: April 10, 2015

Running a small business can be complicated, and a Broward County small business lawyer can often be an invaluable ally during the planning and execution of your business. Many small business owners wait until the last second to hire a lawyer and this is all too often a mistake. A lawyer can reduce the chance of legal problems by helping owners structure their contracts and employee agreements properly, picking the right legal structure, and preparing the fundamental documents necessary for business operation. Established small businesses regularly need lawyers, but it is particularly important for new businesses to consult with a lawyer before getting too deep into their operation.

Smart planning is essential for business success

Planning is one of the main areas where a lawyer can help a small business. The planning process can include drafting the appropriate legal agreements that the business will enter into with customers employees or contractors, and ensuring that the business is properly protected from liability. Other steps that a small business lawyer can help with include: obtaining the appropriate permits or licenses to do business, reviewing the company’s articles of incorporation, drafting agreements to protect IP, and more. An experienced lawyer will inform the business owner about any potential unique legal risks to them and how to mitigate them as much as possible.

Intellectual property needs to be protected

In the modern business world, intellectual property is often a major aspect of a business’s operation. Most businesses have valuable intellectual property that needs to be protected which may include: software, website data, customer lists, product designs, website content and more. To ensure that this valuable information is protected, a small business lawyer can draft non-compete agreements as well as non-disclosure agreements that any contractor or employee who works with the business must sign and adhere to. Trademarks can also be filed for many types of intellectual property for further protection.

A lawyer can help with an exit strategy

Having a good exit strategy is essential for any small business. Business owners who have not developed a good exit strategy can meet with a lawyer to determine the best options available to them in the future. There can also be unique exit situations that need to be prepared for such as one partner leaving the company, or one partner selling their interest in the company. If one partner leaves abruptly, there needs to be a contingency plan so that the business can keep operating, and there may need to be buy-back agreements prepared ahead of time and other contingencies.

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