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Home Staging is Still in High Demand

Posted on: May 12, 2020

What You Need To Know About Home-Staging

When you’re considering selling your luxury home, there are a thousand things to consider, not the least of which is home staging. It’s often easy to understand the importance of hiring a landscaper or a professional photographer, but home staging can be easy to overlook. However, with some studies claiming that home staging can help a property sell 73% faster, this is not as aspect of selling that should be overlooked.

The Need for Home Staging

Now more than ever, home staging is in high demand. While homebuyers are often able to tour through a home and see it for themselves, people searching for a new home these days are choosing to do the vast majority of their looking online. Particularly as we’ve seen an influx of buyers from across the country, the online portion of home buying is key. Having high quality pictures of a well-staged home can make a huge difference in achieving a sale. Many in the home staging industry are reporting that they’re finding more work at higher-end homes as opposed to standard homes. 

Why Stage Your Home?

While home staging might not make your home sell for money, it will almost certain help to sell your home faster. Staging your home makes it easy for a potential buyer to picture themselves in a space. Home stagers are familiar with the market and can help select the right pieces to appeal to your target buyer. Instead of keeping your personal items in the home and pushing your styles onto future buyers, having a staged home keeps things professional while allowing the customer to picture the home as their own.

The Future of Staging

Staging will likely always be a necessary part of the home selling process, especially for South Florida luxury homes. Staged homes are more likely to sell than non-staged homes in general, and as the real estate industry continues to rely on online methods, the importance of staging will remain. 

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