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Home Staging is Still in High Demand

Posted on: July 3, 2020

Home Staging is Still in High Demand During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every sector, and real estate is no exception. While one might imagine that homebuying is at its lowest thanks to “stay at home” orders and high unemployment rates, the opposite seems to be true in South Florida. Surprisingly, even the demand for home staging is rising during these uncertain times.

The Need for Home Staging

Now more than ever, home staging is in high demand. In normal circumstances, homebuyers are able to tour through a home and see it for themselves. However, during quarantine, people searching for a new home have to do the vast majority of their looking online. Having high-quality pictures of a well-staged home can make a huge difference in achieving a sale. Many in the home staging industry are reporting that they’re finding more work at higher-end homes as opposed to standard homes. 

Changes to Home Staging

Even though the business is booming, home staging employees still have to take precautions to stay safe during COVID-19. Companies are no longer able to take advantage of a large crew and instead have to use a smaller group of people so social distancing requirements can be met. In turn, many home staging projects are slowing down considerably. While a project may take a few days under normal circumstances, the same home may now take a week or more to be staged.

When it comes to condos, some complexes are implementing restrictions on staging. Guidelines surrounding social distancing can sometimes prevent large crews from being in a unit or on the elevator together, so home staging companies are having to work around these rules.

The Future of Staging

Staging will likely always be a necessary part of the home selling process, especially for South Florida luxury homes. Staged homes are more likely to sell than non-staged homes in general, and as the real estate industry continues to rely on online methods, the importance of staging will remain. 

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