Hiring an Independent Real Estate Attorney Instead of a Real Estate Agent Referred Attorney (Part 3 of 3)

Posted on: March 5, 2014

You should never rely solely on the recommendation of your real estate agent for a Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer due to the inherent conflict of interest that your agent has. Although you are free to hire anyone you want, it is in your best interest to do your own research to find an experienced and independent Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer.

In some cases, an attorney friend or family member may offer to represent you at a lower cost or for free, but if they don’t specialize in real estate you should hire a Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer instead. Florida real estate law has many details and nuances that require extensive experience to understand, and attorneys with experience in other fields of law are not the best choice to represent you.

When you do decide to hire an independent Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer, be sure that they have sufficient experience with real estate law in Florida. Also, be sure to ask your attorney questions about their experience with the type of purchase that you are dealing with (foreclosure, short sale, investment property, etc.)

By taking the time to research and hire your own Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer you will avoid any chance of a conflict of interest, as small as that chance may be. There’s no reason to risk closing on an unfavorable deal that can result in major headaches later on, and the cost of hiring your own attorney will be the same if not less than a realtor referred attorney.

An independent Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer will not have any conflict of interest, as they are paid a flat rate regardless of whether or not the deal closes. Your independent attorney has an ethical obligation to you, and will represent your best interests throughout the entire transaction and at the point of closing, and will also keep any communication confidential.

Real estate contracts are not worth taking a chance on, as mistakes can be very expensive to you. Your Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer might catch issues that could cost you thousands of dollars later on. Your real estate attorney can also make sure that your contract has remedies for every potentially damaging legal situation that can arise.

If you are in need of legal representation for any type of real estate transaction, contact the Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyers at Schecter Law who are highly experienced with real estate law and have offered representation to South Florida since 1976.