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Why Hiring a Business Formation Lawyer is Crucial for Any Successful Company

Posted on: September 13, 2016

The current business climate is characterized by a great deal of regulation as well as a wide range of different types of financial and legal risks for both new and established businesses. However, with the proper planning, a new business can thrive and avoid many of the financial and legal pitfalls that other companies frequently fall into.

Reduce your legal and financial risk by hiring a South Florida business formation lawyer

One of the best ways to reduce your risks is to make hiring a South Florida business formation lawyer a part of your company’s startup plan. There are several legal and regulatory requirements for a new business. These requirements can result in a multitude of future problems when they are neglected or not taken care of in accordance with best practices and the law. They include: choosing the proper business structure, drafting employment and client contracts, protecting intellectual property, drafting real estate agreements, obtaining the appropriate business licenses and more.

It’s almost always a mistake to try to handle business legal requirements without counsel

Some business owners will try to deal with these requirements without the advice of a business formation attorney in South Florida, but doing so is almost always a mistake. Without the advice of an experienced attorney it can be quite easy to overlook a critical obligation as you manage the other aspects of your business. For example, just one or two mistakes with your employment or client contracts can result in employment litigation in the future.

Although there are plenty of pre-packaged employment contracts that you can find on the internet, they aren’t customized for your business and may end up leaving you liable. As another example, an improper employee screening protocol can result in a FCRA lawsuit. These regulatory issues affect companies of all sizes, so even if you’re a small business owner it’s essential to obtain legal counsel at the start.

Make sure that your business starts off the right way

Although it may be tempting to hire a Florida business formation attorney only after a problem arises, the most cost effective strategy involves being proactive and retaining counsel as soon as possible in order to head off potential problems and ensure that your business is operating with the lowest risk from the very beginning.

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