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Hiring an Attorney in Florida For Your Real Estate Closing

Posted on: July 11, 2019

What You Need To Know

Did you know that you can hire a South Florida residential real estate attorney to handle your closing, including your title search?

It doesn’t always make sense to hire a title company for your title search, because the cost can be comparable to hiring an attorney if not higher.

The big benefit of having an attorney in your corner is when there are potential legal concerns with your purchase, such as a complicated purchase agreement, boundary issues, or other concerns.

You may save money compared to a title company

Many mistakenly believe that title companies are less expensive than attorneys. That is often not the case.

Title companies will often charge a premium for their closing services which include bringing the necessary documentation, collecting closing funds or managing escrow, performing the title search, acquiring title insurance, filing the new titles and more.

However, a residential real estate attorney can do all of the above for you, with the added benefit of legal expertise and counsel for any potential issues, and often at a higher level of service.

You can avoid tricky legal situations

The last thing you want to deal with at closing is to be faced with a pressing legal question without having counsel available to you.

It’s particularly important for FSBO sellers to consider hiring a South Florida residential real estate closing so they have an advocate available for those scenarios and others.

However, just about anyone can benefit from avoiding the headache of a legal snafu holding up their closing. Not only will it cost you time, but it can also increase your closing costs if there are multiple meetings required.

Better to have an attorney there to address legal questions and settle any issues so the transaction can proceed.

A thorough title search is much more guaranteed with an attorney

Many title companies may have examiners who lack the expertise that a skilled attorney would have when performing your title search.

Uncovering title defects takes more effort than you might think. There are a myriad of potential issues that can arise during a title examination such as unknown beneficiaries, federal tax liens, bankruptcies, and so much more.

An inexperienced title examiner may miss some of those issues, while a residential real estate attorney is less likely to due to experience and careful attention to detail.

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