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When Should You Hire A South Florida Small Business Lawyer

Posted on: February 14, 2015

Many business owners believe that they can wait until they run into a legal problem before hiring a lawyer, but this is often a major mistake. There are certainly some issues that small business owners can handle on their own, such as creating a business plan, picking a website domain, or getting an employer identification number. Many other aspects of business formation and maintenance often are best managed by a business lawyer, like creating agreements and contracts, filing for the appropriate permits and licenses, signing agreements, creating terms of service, and structuring partnerships.

Legal problems with your business can be very costly

As a business owner, you want to prevent legal issues from arising to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and profitably. Just one lawsuit, licensing or permit issue, or employee or contractor dispute can end up costing your business tens of thousands of dollars and slow down its progress dramatically. Although legal issues are sometimes unavoidable, a South Florida small business lawyer will try to prevent these issues from arising as much as possible and they are more affordable than you think.

Your lawyer can catch any risks that you may have overlooked

When you hire an attorney, you gain the advantage of having an experienced business advisor point out specific risks and concerns with your business that you may have overlooked. Your attorney also will help you mitigate them as much as possible so those risks do not turn into legal problems. For example, you may end up being the subject of a discrimination lawsuit due to questions that you posed in a job interview. If you had your attorney review those interview questions before using them, any questions that could be viewed as potentially discriminatory would have been removed.

Hire a business lawyer today to find out if there are any legal concerns with your operation

There are certainly some aspects of your business that you can and should handle on your own, but there are others that can benefit from a legal opinion. It can be difficult for business owners to determine what their biggest legal risks are and an experienced South Florida small business lawyer can catch legal problems and help prevent them from happening.  Contact Mark Schecter at Schecter Law today for legal advice on any aspect of your business to reduce your operational risks as much as possible.