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Why You Should Hire a South Florida Business Formation Attorney to Incorporate

Posted on: January 16, 2015

With a wide range of different do-it-yourself legal document services available, many Florida entrepreneurs try to manage the important task of incorporating their business on their own. Online legal document preparation services offer the promise that they can give business owners everything that they need to file the documents for a new business at a low cost. However, there is no way for a template document to cover all of the specific and unique circumstances and terms that need to be included in a new company’s initial documents to protect its owners from risk and legal issues.

You may need a more effective solution than an online document preparation service

Online legal document preparation services are incredibly limited in what they can do in terms of business formation. If the business is complicated in any way: if there are shareholder agreements that need to be drafted, if stock issues need to be addressed, if intellectual property is involved, or any other matter that requires a deviation from standard business formation documents, hiring an attorney is always a better decision. Your attorney will customize your business’s documents as needed, while document preparation services may leave out important details that can turn into liabilities later on.

Your attorney will have a background and understanding of your business if there are future problems

There are many circumstances that may arise during your business venture that will require the assistance of an attorney. When you hire an attorney to create and file your organization’s legal documents, you have a legal expert available with a background and understanding of your business model. Your attorney will be ready to help once you call for legal assistance and will be able to deal with the matter efficiently, saving you time and money.

Online legal document preparation services are not that inexpensive

You may be thinking that online legal document preparation services are the least expensive route to getting your business registered in Florida, but this is not always the case. There are often hidden recurring monthly charges and other extra costs if you want your documents to actually be reviewed by an expert. The total costs can end up being comparable or even more than what a lawyer will charge you, and the major downside is that you won’t be getting 100% original documents for your business that cover the many unique legal situations that you may encounter in your line of work.

Mark Schecter at Schecter Law is an experienced South Florida business formation attorney who can create and file the appropriate business formation documents with all of the necessary protections and ensure that your company is properly registered for business in Florida. Contact Schecter Law today for more information on our business formation services or other legal services.