Hire a South Florida Residential Real Estate Attorney to Represent you at Closing Before you Sign the Contract

Posted on: May 9, 2014

 You should never sign a contract without having a South Florida residential real estate attorney  review the contract before you sign the contract, as you may have no adequate legal remedy even if there are unfavorable or unfair terms. Any questions or concerns you have about the contract and the property need to be addressed before the agreement is signed. Once the contract is signed, it is usually to late to protect your interests. Most importantly, a skilled South Florida residential real estate attorney will be able to catch last minute hidden pitfalls with the contract that can cost you such as a lack of a remedy for property damage, property insurance issues, verbal promises that were not translated to writing, and more.

An experienced South Florida residential real estate attorney will be able to advise you on the  real estate,  legal and tax issues which may arise at closing, such as Florida property taxes, potential use of property issues, zoning issues, income tax consequences and others. A South Florida residential real estate attorney will also perform all of the duties that would normally be handled by a title company at closing including title examination, researching liens on the property, checking the status of real estate taxes, looking up property restrictions and easements and more.

The cost for hiring a South Florida residential real estate attorney instead of a title company is almost the same, and a South Florida residential real estate attorney can handle every aspect of a real estate closing and prepare every document necessary. A South Florida real estate lawyer can also handle any steps required to clear title defects if necessary. Don’t make the mistake of relying on your real estate agent’s  advice at closing. A real estate agent has an interest of seeing the transaction close quickly in order to get paid and cannot legally advise you on any aspect of your contract. Your real estate lawyer will be unbiased and can answer questions about real estate law that your agent will not be able to answer.

A real estate agent can help out with some aspects of the process such as connecting the buyer and seller and initiating negotiations, but only a real estate attorney can perform the due diligence required to protect your full interests from the very beginning of contract negotiations to the very end.  If you are at the point of closing, you need to hire a real estate attorney immediately to ensure your interests are protected. Call Schecter Law now to schedule a consultation and get the experienced and professional legal representation you need for your real estate closing