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When Do You Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

Posted on: June 21, 2016

When handling transactions involved in the commercial real estate business, there are several situations that can arise in which it may be difficult for you to handle them entirely on your own. In these circumstances, it’s beneficial for you to hire a knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney in the Fort Lauderdale area, who can easily help you through the legal side of any deal you’re involved in.

Assistance with Understanding Legal Documents

Commercial real estate is a business with plenty of complex paperwork that an experienced commercial real estate attorney will understand. Such documents can include construction contracts, Letters of Intent, and leases, to name a few. Your attorney can also explain the legalese of each of these documents to you and simplify their terms so that you know what type of real estate agreement you are entering into.

A Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney can also assist you with the preparation, completion, and safeguarding of any legal documentation involved in your deal.

Understanding Risk with Commercial Real Estate Agreements

A Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney can help you understand the risk associated with each agreement that you may enter into, whether it’s a lease, purchase agreement, or anything else.

If it is a basic transaction such as an apartment lease, your attorney can quickly draft up a basic lease agreement and ensure that your rights are protected as a commercial property owner.

If you plan on signing or negotiating a commercial lease or purchase agreement, it is even more important to utilize the strengths of an experienced commercial real estate attorney to ensure that the agreement is as favorable to you as possible because of the importance and cost of such a transaction.

Sticking to Important Deadlines

An attorney can help your transaction move along by helping negotiations when things start to stall, which can be very important if you have looming deadlines. If the other side is pressing you to make a decision that you aren’t ready for, your attorney can also buy you more time. Any professional attorney will only get involved in negotiations when they are asked to do so.

Maintaining Professional Negotiations

If a situation arises in which negotiations within a commercial real estate transaction are becoming less than professional or if emotions become heated, a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney can ease differences and ensure that negotiations remain professional and level headed.

For these scenarios and more, consider hiring an attorney who has the knowledge to advise you in these matters. Mark Schecter of Schecter Law is a highly experienced Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney who understands all aspects of commercial real estate law and is ready and able to take care of your commercial real estate needs. Contact Schecter Law today by calling (954) 779-7009.