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When to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in South Florida

Posted on: February 17, 2018

As you prepare for your next commercial real estate deal, you might be unsure as to when and if you should hire an attorney.

In the majority of cases, you will want to have an attorney available for consultation on virtually every commercial real estate deal or negotiation, no matter how large or small.

Below are a few specific scenarios that can also help you to identify when you’ll need to hire a commercial real estate attorney in South Florida.

There are environmental concerns

When you are dealing with any kind of environmental concerns related to the property such as potential land contamination, mold, asbestos, or toxic building materials, you will want to work with an attorney.

Your attorney will ensure that you have a way to deal with these issues if they pop up in the short term or future, with your personal financial liability being limited. They will also understand local codes and laws when it comes to these environmental concerns.

You need a document drafted

In most commercial real estate transactions, legal documents will need to be drafted such as purchase agreements, leases, surveys, contingency agreements and many others.

Pre-made templates will not suffice in the majority of scenarios – unique agreements will need to be drafted, and the best person to do this is always a South Florida commercial real estate attorney.

There are negotiations involved

You will want an experienced attorney at your side anytime you have to deal with commercial real estate negotiations.

Your attorney will help you understand any relevant legalities and concerns related to your negotiations and can even negotiate on your behalf when it is appropriate. They are also your best advocate when it comes to making a final decision on any potential negotiation term.  

It is a complex transaction

When the transaction is relatively straightforward you may be able to get by on limited legal advice, however when it is complex, you will benefit from being able to rely on your attorney.

Many commercial real estate sales or lease negotiations are often full of complications. You’ll need an attorney available to help you catch any small details that you might overlook with due diligence, zoning and usage, environmental concerns, negotiation, financing, etc.

Suffice to say, commercial real estate transactions can be complex, and you won’t ever go wrong with hiring a South Florida commercial real estate attorney to help you through them, even briefly.

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