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Hire a Business Formation Attorney Before Your Business Runs Into Problems

Posted on: February 6, 2015

Hiring an attorney as early as possible can be one of the best business decisions that you make for several reasons. Almost inevitably you will have some sort of legal dispute during the operation of your business. If you have a Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney on retainer who is already familiar with your business, you will have an experienced ally available to help you navigate through your legal issue as quickly as possible, and you won’t need to spend extra money getting your attorney up to speed with the situation.

It’s always best to reduce your risks as early as possible

Every business has some form of risk, and an experienced attorney will help you prepare for these risks and reduce them as much as possible from the start. For instance, one of the most important aspects of business formation is to pick the right legal structure for your company. If your business has even a small amount of risk, you may want to structure it as a limited liability corporation or a corporation, but you don’t want to make this decision on your own. Your attorney can help you pick the best legal structure so that your personal assets are protected from liability and to reduce your risks as much as possible.

Staying in compliance is important for avoiding downtime

Staying in compliance with the law is necessary for a business to keep running and avoid costly downtime or legal problems. Your attorney will point out any potential problems with the way that you plan on organizing and running your business, and will help you avoid regulatory or legal problems before they happen. If you wait to hire an attorney to advise you, you are taking a risk because you may not even be aware that you are breaking a law while running your business until a complaint occurs.

Mark Schecter is an experienced Fort Lauderdale business formation attorney who can help you prepare

If you are in the process of launching a new company, or if you need a reliable and knowledgeable attorney in your current business, Mark Schecter can help you. Mark Schecter has experience advising businesses of all sizes and can advise you in regards to specific issues of concern and risks with your business. Don’t wait until you are sued or run into a serious legal problem before hiring an attorney and contact Schecter Law for a consultation today.