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What a Fort Lauderdale Title Examination and Insurance Attorney Can Do for You

Posted on: July 20, 2017

For real estate transactions, the title search is one of the last but most critical steps in the process. The purpose of a title search is to expose any outstanding liens, mortgages, unsatisfied judgements or claims against the property and establish a clear title. Defects related to easements, encroachments and property surveys are also uncovered during this phase.

You can hire an attorney in Florida for your title search

In Florida, many people are not aware that they can choose to hire a Fort Lauderdale title examination and insurance attorney to handle their real estate title search rather than a traditional title company. Choosing an attorney over a title company offers many advantages and often a similar cost. The rates for title insurance are also set by Florida law whether you choose a title company or an attorney.

A more accurate title search

An experienced attorney will typically perform a more thorough and accurate title search compared to a title company. A detailed search is essential to guarantee that you are not purchasing a property with an encumbered title. Any title defects found after your real estate closing will typically be your obligation to deal with. Title insurance can protect you financially, but it’s a headache that you don’t want to deal with.  

Assistance with clearing defects

If any defects are uncovered during the title search, it is typically the seller’s obligation to clear them if you wish to proceed with the transaction. However, your attorney can press the seller to take care of this responsibility and protect you from any legal fallout or financial costs if they fail to clear the title and the deal falls through.

If the defects are relatively minor, you may wish to have your attorney take care of them so that the deal can be finalized sooner. In any case, your attorney will ensure that the title is completely clear prior to your closing.

Purchase your real estate investment with peace of mind

Hiring a title examination and insurance attorney in Fort Lauderdale for your title search will guarantee that no stone is left unturned and will give you the peace of mind that you are acquiring a property with a clean title.

You’ll also save money if you need to hire your attorney to review your purchase agreement, assist with financing, or for legal advice on anything else related to your purchase.

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