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Do I Need A Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

Posted on: April 15, 2021

Why You Need A Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Purchasing commercial real estate is a major investment and while some deals may seem straightforward, in truth, they rarely are. Pursuing commercial deals is likely to become incredibly complex and demands attention to a variety of details that an experienced South Florida Commercial Real Estate Attorney will be very well attuned to. In fact, your attorney will actually be able to anticipate any issues that may arise or manifest as possible risks and address those with you.

What does a commercial real estate attorney really do?

A South Florida Commercial Real Estate Attorney’s ultimate purpose is to protect your rights. While there are many major elements involved in a commercial real estate deal, the prime position of your attorney in the deal is to strategically structure your transactions in your best interest. With that in mind, you have the assurance that within any contract or disputes related to the commercial purchase or sale in question, your rights and goals are preserved and protected and your interests, from a litigation perspective, are secured at the highest level to mitigate any risks involved for the smoothest transaction possible.

Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

Any person, business, or entity that enters into a commercial real estate transaction in South Florida without an experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorney runs the risk of complications. At the end of the day, commercial real estate is a business and any party with whom you enter into a transaction will only ever have their benefit in mind.

Generally speaking, commercial real estate is an area of practice that is often fraught with high levels of litigation risks, this includes local and state laws, regulations, and elements often overlooked by residential real estate attorneys who are not equipped with the proper tools, skills or information on commercial real estate transactions.

Major Investment And Purchase Transactions In Commercial Real Estate Call For Experience

A residential home purchase is quite different than that of a high-asset or commercial real estate deal. With this understanding, it is best to be well-armed and well prepared before you enter into any contract. A Commercial Real Estate Attorney will assist in the following:

Know Your Rights

Both buyers and sellers have rights that they may be unaware of, an experienced commercial real estate attorney will help you understand and identify both your rights and your obligations. They will liaise with buyers, sellers, attorneys, land and titles, government bodies, insurance, and banks. As you go about your daily business and focus on those important elements involved in running your business, a commercial real estate attorney provides peace of mind.

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