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A Fort Lauderdale Business Agreement Attorney Can Help You Structure Your Contracts

Posted on: January 30, 2015

Hire a Business Agreement Attorney for Help with Structuring Your Contracts

Business owners sometimes attempt to handle the job of drafting their own contracts to save money, but this often can be a mistake. Your agreements and contracts are a crucial component of your business which can become a costly problem if they are not carefully structured from the start. A Fort Lauderdale business agreement attorney can help you design your contracts so that they are fair to you and all parties involved, and to ensure your legal risks are minimized.

Your attorney will help you avoid conflicts between partners

Business partnerships can have many potential issues if the details of the partnership are not carefully outlined in the contract. There are a wide range of issues that may need to be outlined in your contracts, such as share allocations, profit sharing, salaries, management responsibilities, liabilities and more. Conflicts often can be avoided when a contract is properly structured by an attorney and includes any of the above mentioned or other areas that need to be addressed.

You may need assistance with employee agreements

Employee and contractor agreements are often overlooked by business owners, but they are a huge source of potential liability when they are not properly structured. Your attorney can ensure that every legal and liability issue is carefully outlined in your employee and contractor agreements so that you are protected. Also, you may need non-compete agreements or non-disclosure agreements drafted for your employees and contractors. Your attorney can help you with these agreements and ensure that your trade secrets are properly protected.

Your terms of service may need to be reviewed by an attorney

The terms of service for your business are another significant area of concern, and it is often a mistake to use generic or prepackaged terms for your business. Your terms of service need to be customized for your business to cover any unique risks that you may have. Your attorney can review your current terms of service or draft new terms for a new business to ensure that every liability area is covered. Also, if you enter into agreements with your customers on a regular basis, your attorney can also review those agreements and ensure that you are protected from liability as much as possible.

Mark Schecter is an experienced Fort Lauderdale business agreement attorney who can assist you with drafting any contract or business agreements as needed. Contact Schecter Law today for a consultation if you have any questions or concerns about your business’s contracts and agreements.