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Florida is Seeing More Luxury Real Estate Buyers from Across the Country

Posted on: June 5, 2020

Buyers Flocking To Florida Nationwide

Florida has long been an ideal destination for retirees and luxury home buyers, and business seems to be booming as usual. Many realtors are reporting an increase in business throughout the Sunshine State, particularly from customers in areas like New York City and other metropolitan areas around the U.S. So why are people choosing to head to South Florida?

Why are People Choosing Florida?

Florida is often depicted as the perfect place to retreat during busy times or to spend one’s golden years, but why? Besides the constant warm weather and the booming economy, many homebuyers are seeing the potential to move in order to have more room and safety for their families. This means that younger buyers are flocking to Florida to raise their children and build their lives. 

Influx From Crowded Metro Areas

Many realtors are reporting an influx of customers from crowded areas like New Jersey, New York, and Boston. Since these areas typically offer smaller apartments and homes, the appeal of their own large, private location in Florida is enticing. Not to mention that, since many celebrities and household names are starting to call Florida home, there is a bit of an ego boost with living nearby one of these personalities. Whatever the case may be, the luxury home business is continuing to excel.

The Appeal to South Florida

South Florida in particular is seeing a huge increase in business, likely due to the extra land. Not only are customers wanting large homes, but they are also looking for bigger plots of land. Areas in South Florida like Wellington and Vero Beach are more rural, so they’re seeing the biggest demand right now.

Lasting Trend

It’s entirely possible that this trend is here to stay. Business owners are continuing to see benefits of remote workers and are finding less and less need for a physical office space. Having workers stay home could greatly reduce overhead costs and streamline many processes. It’s just a matter of time whether South Florida’s luxury real estate market will continue to see this level of success.

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