First Time Buyers Should Hire a Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Attorney to Review Their Contract

Posted on: May 19, 2014

 Although everyone should hire a Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney to review their real estate agreements, it’s especially important for first time buyers to hire a lawyer right at the beginning of negotiations or even prior to negotiations. First time buyers do not have the experience to be able to review the terms of a contract on their own or even with the help of their real estate agent. Real estate contracts have simply too much to understand for first time buyers (or even experienced buyers for that matter) and the terminology can often be overwhelming. Although most contracts are written in plain language, there are terms that have been used for decades that are not easy to understand. The terms of the contract are also legally binding and should never be overlooked even in the excitement of a first time home purchase.

Moreover, nothing should ever be agreed upon verbally prior to closing, and this is a mistake that a first time buyer can easily make without the guidance of a Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney. For instance, if there are appliances that are to be included with the home, those specific appliances need to be outlined in the contract.   If you are a first time buyer, don’t make the mistake of assuming that a “standard contract” will work for you and that you won’t need to have an attorney review it. There really is no such thing as a standard contract, and in many cases a standard contract will be altered by the seller so that the terms are more favorable to their side.  By having a Fort Lauderdale lawyer available for contract negotiations, you will have the opportunity to change any terms of the contract that may be unfavorable.  Never sign a contract without having your own attorney present to review the contract and make any last minute changes, especially for your first home.

Terms that may be negotiated by your Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney include finance terms, seller assistance for the closing costs , home inspection clauses that allow the buyer to walk away if there are significant defects found after an inspection, fixtures and appliances included in the home and much more. Only a skilled Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney will be able to successfully negotiate and include these potentially crucial contract terms.   If you are a first time buyer, Schecter Law can help you with your real estate negotiations. Call Schecter Law today for more information on our legal representation services for first time buyers and all other real estate buyers.