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Competition Heats Up In South Florida Commercial Real Estate Market

Posted on: February 18, 2021

Commercial Real Estate Is In High-Demand In South Florida

Every few weeks we update you on commercial real estate in South Florida and the regularity in which the market grows is anything but predictable.  Commercial Real Estate is sizzling, especially for the food industry and this may very well create a shortage for other commercial space needs. It seems that the appetite for growth continues to permeate.

Expansion, Growth & The Shortage Of Land

Many restaurant chains and fast food companies are finding that they are facing a difficult time locating and acquiring commercial space that allows for their types of business models (drive-thrus) throughout Southern Florida.  Because of the latter, they are increasingly competing within the commercial space industry in order to find alternative locations meant for more traditional commercial businesses and restaurants. This creates a shortage for those seeking commercial spaces.

Commercial Space Competition

With Florida’s growth virtually exploding and exceeding any possible model of speculation, there are entrepreneurs, corporations, and start-ups looking to put roots down throughout South Florida for their business. The competition is strong and the time is now.

If you were looking to launch your business or expand your business, you may be bidding against companies and corporations with wider pockets.  It is absolutely vital to put an offer in on a space the moment that you decide that you have found the precise location needed that checks all of your boxes to facilitate the launch or expansion of your business. Last year, space better equipped for a medical office may now be a part of a bidding war for a big chain’s unorthodox rethinking of a less traditional version of their usual drive-thru fast-food locale.

Experienced, Aggressive Commercial Real Estate Legal Help

If you are ready to expand your portfolio with commercial properties in South Florida, you need an experienced South Florida Commercial Real Estate Attorney. Mark Schecter is your vital source for all of your commercial real estate needs. Whether you are local or out-of-state, you will need an attorney who can go head-to-head with high-powered backed firms, owners, and agents.  South Florida Commercial Real Estate can be a complex market to navigate and it is important that you understand every aspect and element involved in locating a commercial property to fit your needs, engaging in an offer, and preparing to close. Call Mark Schecter today for immediate assistance.