The Most Common Real Estate Disputes by a South Florida Real Property Litigation Lawyer: Part 2 of 2

Posted on: May 15, 2014

Below are a few more of the most common real estate disputes that can occur. If you find yourself involved in these real estate disputes or others, don’t hesitate to call a skilled South Florida real property litigation lawyer immediately to guarantee that your best interests are represented.

Zoning disputes

Zoning disputes can arise when developers want to build in a certain area and encounter resistance with local planning boards. Construction delays as a result of zoning problems can end up being detrimental to a project, so it is important to handle zoning disputes as soon as possible. It is usually necessary to hire a skilled South Florida real property litigation lawyer if there are any zoning disputes, as an attorney will be able to obtain permits quickly and allow projects to proceed without delays.

Contact clause disputes

There are many types of contract clause disputes that a lawyer can negotiate and resolve. These disputes can involve prepayment penalty clauses for mortgage contracts, mediation clauses, and many others. A mediation clause requires both parties to resolve a real estate dispute through a mediator, and it is a non-binding process. Mediation clauses can be optional or mandatory depending on the type of contract. No one should ever sign a real estate contract with a mediation or arbitration clause with first consulting with an experienced attorney.

Don’t sign a contract or handle a dispute without consulting a South Florida real property litigation lawyer

Only a knowledgeable attorney can advise on whether or not a particular contract is favorable to a client and can resolve problems with a contract before expensive disputes arise in the future. Contact Schecter Law today for legal advice on any type of contract or real estate dispute to ensure that your interests are represented.