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Commercial & Office Real Estate In South Florida

Posted on: September 30, 2020

Are You In The Market For Commercial Or Office Space In South Florida?

If you have been contemplating South Florida for a commercial or office-related venue, not only are you in luck, you’re also in good company.  

The Pandemic has had a variety of sectors leaving areas like New York City and Los Angeles with even more considering making a move to the Sunshine state. The benefits of moving business down to South Florida are numerous and more entrepreneurs and corporations are catching on, these benefits include but are not limited to the short list below:

Good Company In South Florida’s Thriving Market

This next step in the Pandemic recovery means that many of these companies will be moving many of their operations to the thriving market of South Florida and they will be in good company. As reported by Commercial Cafe back in March, Spotify, one of the ever growing Media Tech companies chose to establish roots at Wynwood in Miami.  Last year Live Nation, a giant among entertainment companies, signed a lease for the new wynwood building, both of the aforementioned joining popular Design and Architechure Firm Genslar.

Prices Will Go Up

South Florida is a beacon for renewal right now and there is no better time to pursue your new office space or re-locate current operations than at this very moment. Not only is there the ability to locate commercial space and office space in highly-sought after areas, but there is also the bonus of re-locating your start-up, operations, or expansion to one of the incredibly vibrant and stunning office parks and landscapes in Florida before the cost of investment increases. It is a sobering thought when you understand how valuable this opportunity is. 

Veteran Luxury Real Estate Attorney Mark Schecter

A South Florida Luxury Real Estate Attorney can act as your liaison by facilitating all of the necessary legal documents ahead of your visit to explore your options.  It is vital that you have experienced counsel who understands the South Florida Luxury market at your disposal. Contact my office today to learn how I can assist you.