The Most Common Real Estate Disputes Handled by a Fort Lauderdale Real Property Litigation Attorney – Part 1 of 2

Both commercial and residential real estate disputes are quite common and sometimes inevitable. If you find yourself in any type of real estate dispute, you will want a Fort Lauderdale real property litigation attorney with experience in dispute resolution and a deep understanding of the litigation process to advise you. Real estate disputes are not something that you want deal with on your own due to the potential cost of making a wrong decision, so seek the advice of an attorney if you are in a dispute.

Property access and boundary disputes

Property access and boundary disputes can be stressful and troublesome to deal with without the help of a lawyer. Some of the situations that might occur include: a neighbor blocking access to a part of a property, a view being blocked, a property being built across a boundary line and many others. These disputes will usually arise if boundaries are not properly researched, and an experienced Fort Lauderdale real property litigation attorney can research the registered boundary to avoid or resolve disputes.

Commercial tenant problems and eviction

Several commercial tenant and landlord conflicts can arise at any given point, and these conflicts can be quite complicated. An experienced attorney is best suited to resolve any type of commercial tenant or eviction problems. Evictions can be very expensive for a commercial landlord and can cause a great amount of financial stress and be time consuming without legal advice. An experienced attorney can handle evictions or other disputes quickly and efficiently to reduce costs and time spent by tenants or landlords.

Disputes with real estate agents can be resolved by a Fort Lauderdale real property litigation attorney

Some of the disputes and problems with real estate agents that can arise may include: commission disputes, contract detail disputes, undisclosed property defects, real estate fraud, and many others. These disputes should be handled by a lawyer who can negotiate any type of conflict with a real estate agent and pursue real estate litigation if necessary.

Contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale real property litigation attorney for dispute help

If you find yourself in the midst of any of these or other real estate disputes, don’t try to handle them yourself without the advice of a Ford Lauderdale real property litigation attorney. Contact Schecter Law for skilled and highly experienced legal guidance to save yourself the time and stress of handling a dispute on your own.

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