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What Can a Luxury Real Estate Attorney Do For You?

Posted on: April 12, 2017

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate attorney is highly recommended whenever you are planning on purchasing your next home.

Whether you are building, designing, leasing, buying or selling a luxury home, Schecter Law can advise you throughout the process and answer any important questions that may arise. We will fully represent your interests and ensure that your luxury home purchase goes as smoothly as possible.

We can advise you regarding any special requirements for your purchase

A Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate attorney at Schecter Law can assist you with any number of special situations including:

We can help you understand your purchase agreement or renegotiate it on your behalf. We can help move the process along if there are challenges with the seller and ensure that you close on your property within your anticipated timeframe.  

No matter what requirements you have with your particular home purchase, you can rely on the extensive experience of Schecter Law, as we have successfully represented many luxury home buyers in the South Florida region and handled their closings.

Get experienced legal representation at your closing

It’s not widely known, but in the state of Florida you can hire a luxury real estate attorney to close your transaction, provide title insurance and perform your full title search. This is preferable to using a title company as your attorney will be familiar with your goals and will perform a more in-depth search while advising you on any important legal matters.

The cost of hiring an attorney to handle your closing is comparable to using a title company, however you’ll have the benefit of having a real estate law expert in your corner.

Call Schecter Law today for advice during your luxury home search

Whether you are searching for a home in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in South Florida, a luxury real estate attorney at Schecter Law can assist you during any step. Call Schecter Law today at (954) 779-7009 for experienced advice on your next major luxury real estate investment.